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The Only Seven Star Hotel In The World

Burj Al Arab


1600 Colleagues


From 75 Countries


Staff to Suite Ratio

What makes the Burj Al Arab so special?

Being the only seven star hotel in the world, although this rating has been disputed, what makes the Burj Al Arab so unique? Since it opened in 1999 the Burj Al Arab has continued to amaze people all over the world.

burj al arab
A helipad is suspended 210m in the air, attached to the top of the hotel.
The Skybar restaurant is suspended 200m above sea level at the back.
Structure of building represents a dhow sail, a traditional arabian boat.
Elevator is glass and runs the full length of the outside of the building.
Butlers are in attendance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Aquarium releases turtles into the sea with the Turtle Rehabilitation Project.

How many rooms are there?

The exclusive Burj Al Arab is an all-suite hotel that encompasses 28 double stories to create the 202 luxury duplexes of superior standard. The unrivalled personalised service is a signature of Burj Al Arab.

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burj al arab
The Royal Suite
burj al arab
Total Cost
Per Night

Instagrams at the Burj Al Arab

Join in the fun, live from Dubai. When you’re at the Burj Al Arab, take your best picture and upload it to Instagram to appear in our feed. You can even add #YallaDXB if you want to appear in our homepage feed.

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Using foursquare, YallaDXB have selected some of the most popular spots to visit while in Dubai. Check them out!

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